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Yiwu Wholesale Market

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Where are the yiwu wholesale markets? What are the wholesale markets in Yi Wu City? How can we go to YiWu wholesale markets in China? Learn More China share some details for Yiwu Wholesale markets with you. Welcome to share your idea for Yiwu wholesale markets. 

Yiwu, a city build on commodity wholesale market. Yiwu is Located in the center of Zhejiang Province in china. The city is well-known internationally for its commodity wholesale market. It is a county-size city that deals into 3, 20,000 kinds of commodities that fall in 1502 categories of 34 industries. United Nations, The World Bank and Morgan Stanley have also acknowledged Yiwu as the world's largest market of small commodity wholesales.

Yiwu Wholesale MarketYiwu Wholesale market  Place  Management variety
China Yiwu International Trade City (Yiwu Futian Market) Phase One, Two (F-G, H), Three  The north road of Chouzhou  Handicraft, accessories, toy, flower class and so on.

Yiwu Huangyuan wholesale market (China small Commodity city)  Huangyuan road No51  Metals, zipper, thread, sports electric apparatus, rain gear, case and bag, articles of daily use, electron, button, shoes, lighter, clock etc.

Yiwu Bingwang wholesale market (China small Commodity city)  Bingwang road No158  Clothing, non-staple food, tie, bed clothes, towel, pile, dry fruit candy, needle cotton goods, fabrics, cosmetics ,etc.

Yiwu Knitting wholesale market  Huangyuan road  Socks
Yiwu Electrical home appliances wholesale market  Bingwang road No 101  All kinds of electrical home appliances.

Yiwu Correspondence wholesale market  Bingwang road No 211  All kinds of correspondence tools.

Yiwu Computer wholesale market  Zhao residence road  Computer, computer consumptive material.

Yiwu Commodity wholesale market  Chengxi road NO 199  The aluminum product, the clothing material, the ceramic building materials, stone materials, mounts the material.

Yiwu Goods and materials wholesale market  Chengxi road NO 266  Building board, wooden line, wood floor, decoration, hardware, buckle board, paint, log, bamb.


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