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Yiwu Rainwear & Umbrellas Market

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Where can we buy rainwear from China? Is there a umbrella wholesale market in Yiwu? Where can we order rainwear products when visit Zhejiang? Learn More China share some idea for Yiwu Rainwear & Umbrellas Market with you. Welcome to share your idea for Chinese rainwear and umbrellas wholesale market. 

Suppliers in Yiwu Rainwear & Umbrellas Market are from all famous umbrella and rainwear factories in Guangzhou, zhejiang, hebei province.

Yiwu Rainwear & Umbrellas MarketYiwu Rainwear and umbrellas market is one of the biggest markets in Yiwu. Over 2000 showrooms are on the first floor of 2nd district of the international commodity market.

Amazing is, again, beyond your imagination, Lady's rainwear, kids' rainwear, men's rainwear and all kinds of umbrellas… as well as big, small, plastic, silk umbrellas.

Brands cover a wide rang from global brands, to China top brand, to local small brands, then non-brands.
If you want global genuine brands, you can find few in Yiwu. If want China top brands, you can come to Yiwu.
Suppliers in Yiwu Rainwear & Umbrellas Market are from all famous umbrella and rainwear factories in Guangzhou, zhejiang, hebei province.

About 72% of them are factory direct sale offices. Agents take a 27% percent, including a 6% percent of general agents and exclusive distributors.

As Yiwu is a good big market to compete and show strength. Many suppliers choose Yiwu market to put their new designs and offer favorable prices, to take a bigger piece of this huge cake.

The old Rainwear and Umbrellas Yiwu market are famous for low prices. But because of the worldwide financial crisis strike, many suppliers now start focusing more on quality and creativity.

Small mixed orders are very easy here. Some buyers from the small company and some just want to have a try order, so they don’t want to place a large order. The mixed designs and mix colors is allowed here in shops. But the minimum order quantity is very different here.

The market is getting more and more famous in the world. Lots of people from all over the world come to Yiwu to find the target commodities for their business. They find it more profit is got including the charge of the delivery. So, they begin to tell their friends about the market. The reputation is built by the business relationship.


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