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NANYANG-HAIYAN Clothing Wholesale Markets in LuoHu

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Where can we buy clothing in Shenzhen? Is there a clothing wholesale market in LuoHu? Where to get garments when visit SZ? Learn More China share some details for Nanyan-Haiyan Clothing wholesale marketes in LuoHu to you. Welcome to share your idea for Shenzhen clothing wholesale markets. 

Located side by side in Luohu, near the King Glory Plaza, are two wholesale markets for clothes and fashion accessories where you can find countless independent retailers/wholesalers spread across the two multi foor buildings.

NANYANG-HAIYAN CLOTHING Wholesale Markets in LuoHuMost locals seem to refer to the market by the name of the building they are located in which is the Nanyang Building and the Haiyan building. The Englishnames, as displayed on the buildings, for the actual markets are the Longteng World Fashion and in the other building the Petrel Fashionable Dresses. The two buildings are side by side and joined by a walkover on the second floor.

Most of the traders squeeze themselves, and their stock, into small cubicles with clothes lining the walls, floors and often bags of stock spilling out into the hallway. Some are geared more towards selling bulk lots and are not very retail focused in that some stores don’t offer the ability to ‘try on’ any garments whereas others have a strong attention to retail shoppers, with fashionable displays and they’re are quite pleased for you to try on for size etc.

A word of warning for first time visitors, this isn’t a shiny glossy mall where hand chosen goods are presented on brightly lit displays (although some are), here you have to search through to find the ‘diamond in the rough’ so to speak. But for many that’s part of the fun, and the savings are the reward.

Tips, when we go to LuoHu NANYANG-HAIYAN CLOTHING Wholesale Markets, we can find below products: mostly womens fashion, mostly small sizes, some shoes, accessories, scarfs, one or two jewellery stalls, hand bags, some replica items.

What are the Prices in NANYANG-HAIYAN CLOTHING Wholesale Markets? Generally speaking, they are in low price point, can buy single items and also do deals on bulk purchases. Bargain hard, but with a smile.

And how about the quality for the colthing in NANYANG-HAIYAN CLOTHING Wholesale Markets? Plenty of average quality, cheaply priced goods, but amongst it all are some good quality items at a  superb price, with a little haggling of course.

How to get to NANYANG-HAIYAN CLOTHING Wholesale Markets? Take the subway to Guomao Station and wander out exit E, walk straight ahead looking to your right on the opposite side of the road you should see the entrance. Refer to the photos for pictures of the buildings.

Address: 3002号 Jiabin Road, Luohu, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China (广东省深圳市罗湖区嘉宾路3002号)


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