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Silk and Fabric

Shanghai ShiliuPu Cloth Fabric Market

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Where can we buy fabric in Shanghai? Is there a cloth fabric wholesale market in Shanghai? How to go to Shanghai's fabric wholesale market for garments? How about Shanghai ShiliuPu Cloth Fabric Market in Dongmen Road? Learn More China share some details for Shanghai ShiliuPu Cloth Fabric Market, welcome to share your idea for Shanghai wholesale markets. 

Shanghai ShiliuPu Cloth Fabric MarketShanghai Shiliupu Cloth Fabric Market mainly sales different materials for clothes of cotton cloth, silk, textile fabrics and fur, and fur, and its business concept of quality and low price has gained high international prestige. Dongmen Lu Fabric Market, this is one of several cloth  markets in Shanghai selling all kinds of fabrics and tailoring services and accessories.

At the intersection of Zhonghua Road and Dongmen Road, this three-story building, plus a basement, attracts locals and foreigners.

Here gathers 70﹪ of the famous shops on the former market located at Dongjiadu. They respect credit of quality and brands. Here the old customers can see the familiar faces of the shopkeepers. "Tailor-made" cloth is what the worth to try, customers can enjoy choosing fabric, processing clothing and other one-stop service with the reasonable price, and well sewn.

Address: No 168 Dongmen Road (near Zhongshan Rd E2)
Opening Hours: 10AM-6PM
Public Bus: No public buses directly get to Shanghai ShiliuPu Cloth Fabric Market, we suggest taking taxi.


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