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Beijing Banjiayuan Flea Market

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Where can we get second-hand commodities in Beijing? Where is the flea wholesale market in Beijing? Is there a second hand wholesale market we can go when visit Beijing? Learn More China now share Beijing Panjiayuan Flea Market with you. Welcome to share your idea for Chinese flea wholesale markets. 

Panjiayuan Flea Market, or Panjiayuan Market, or Panjiayuan Antique Market, or whatever names you use, is a must for those who like something really Chinese.
Beijing Banjiayuan Flea MarketLocated at the Southeast corner of the 3rd Ring Road, an area that measures 48,500 square meters (520,000 square feet), the Panjiayuan Flea Market is the largest, cheapest and most popular market selling second hand goods market in China. There are so many types of goods in the market that it is like a museum. It is a heaven for buying and appreciating antiques, crafts, collectibles and decorations.

You can find calligraphy, Chinese painting, writing brushes, ivory carving, traditional Chinese musical instruments, porcelain, ancient furniture, etc. There are also some peddlers from ethnic minorities like Hui, Mongol, Miao, Korean and Manchu, hawking their national handicrafts. Actually, Panjiayuan Flea Market has become one of the must-go attractions of Beijing for tourists from home or aboard.

Tips for Shopping

1. Bring a magnifying glass so that you can have a careful look at the goods and curios.

2. Select the sellers carefully. The sellers can be roughly divided into three categories: special stores where the goods are of high quality and high price, individual shops where good articles are mixed with bad ones, and stalls where the goods are of the lowest quality. Select the seller carefully and compare the goods and price.

3. Ask about the price first before reaching the items for a closer look and pass the goods carefully in case of breaking them. Otherwise, some of the sellers may demand high compensation.

4. Be careful with the bargains. Sometimes the bargains are counterfeits, problematic or even damaged goods.

5. Do not look at the items in dimly lit places or under the light. Instead, look at them in bright natural light to ensure the quality.

6. Do not easily believe the story of the goods told by the sellers. The story may be made up by the sellers to attract you to buy.

7. You can also find an expert with sharp eyes and plenty of related background knowledge to go with you.

8. When making a deal of great value, request a formal invoice and sign a contract in which fake compensation or refund terms should be included.

Address: No.200, west of Panjiayuan Bridge, Chaoyang District, Beijing. 

Bus Route: Bus 36, 51, 802, 674, 28, 368, 627, 638 or 99 takes you there

Opening Time: 8:30 - 16: 30(Monday - Friday); 4:30 - 16:30 (Saturday and Sunday) The stores in the market open everyday while the street stalls just open on weekends.


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