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Beijing Dongjiao Wholesale Market

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Where can we buy fruit in Beijing? Is there a large wholesale market for food, household, clothing in Beijing? How about Beijing's veggie wholesale market? Learn More China now share some details for Beijing Dongjiao Wholesale Market. Welcome to share your idea for Beijing wholesale market. 

If you don't fancy a trek out of town, Dongjiao wholesale market is gigantic and boasts a central location that is just five minutes from the Dawanglu metro station.

This market dominates both sides of the road. In the western section you'll find a fantastic outdoors fruit and veggie market, indoor plants and an aquarium across the flyover bridge. There are also boutiques selling clothing and knick-knacks as well as stores selling animals and household goods.

The highlight of Dongjiao is probably its huge kitchenware selection, which is housed in a separate building. Your likely to find the most handy selection of goods and hardware at a fraction of the cost. So, why not head over there during the national holiday.

Beijing Dongjiao Wholesale MarketThis crazy wholesale market located in the Fifth Ring Road has just about everything you need from bulk booze to food to kitchenware. In the western section you'll find a fantastic outdoors fruit and veg market and an indoor plants and aquarium one; across the flyover bridge, it evolves from boutique-style stalls selling clothes and knick-knacks, through to ones selling rather tired-looking road-side terrapins and rabbits, and jumpy little squirrels trying to escape, and finally into household goods and hardware.
The highlight of Dongjiao is probably its huge kitchenware section, housed in a separate building – yielding pots, pans and woks galore, tree trunk cutting boards and the largest number of meat cleavers you're likely to have ever seen.

Open:8am-5:30pm daily

English Name: Dongjiao Wholesale Market

Chinese Name: 东郊批发市场

English address: A12 Xi Dawang Lu, Chaoyang district

Chinese address: 朝阳区西大望路甲12号


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