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Shanghai Cybermart - One Stop Market for Computer Electronics

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Where can we buy digital products in Shanghai? Is there a computer wholesale market in Shanghai? How to go to Shanghai's mobile phones market? Where shall we go to get MD, DVD players, laptops and printers when visit Shanghai? Learn More China now share some idea for Shanghai Cybermart with you. Welcome to share your idea for Chinese electronics wholesale markets. 

Shanghai CybermartShanghai Cybermart in Chinese is 赛博数码广场. It is the biggest and most impressive of the city's electronic markets. It receives extra points for its clean floors and genuine concessions stands. From Mac to Canon Cameras, it has all the high-end retail brands that you know, and the products that you are familiar with. As you ascend through the markets three levels, the neat stalls and their uniformed employees are fast replaced with eager punters who flog stolen and ripped off products. One can only assume that the higher the floor the cheaper the rent!

Located in the Middle Huaihai Rd, Cybermart is the most central market for all sorts of gadgetry, including DVD players, iPods, laptops, digital cameras and camcorders, as well as blank CDs, DVDs, memory sticks and software. China though, is not the best place in Asia for discount electronic products; but you will get has a reasonable price if you are good at haggling.

Address: Huaihai Road
Opening Hours: 10AM-8PM
Public Bus: Metro Line No.1


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