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Zhili China childrens Garment

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Where can we buy childrens' garment in China? Is there a wholesale market for kids' clothing? Where is the market for children's shoes in Zhejiang? How can we order children's dressing when visit China? Learn More China now share some details for Zhili China childrens Garment. Welcome to share your idea for children's garments wholesale markets with us. 

Zhili China childrens Garment
Located in Zhili town, Huzhou city, Zhili China children's Garment Town covers an area of 600mu, with a total building area of 700,000 square meters, among which 460,000 are for business purpose while the left area is occupied by corresponding facilities. During the past decade, the Children's garment town has built into a professional market for retailing and wholesale with its large volum of trade and competitive price of qualified goods. It has eight trading zones and over 3500 booths within its 3 building groups, expanding the transaction while developing itself to be more mature.
The whole China town here can be divided into 5 stories, with parking and warehouse purpose underground, the first floor on the trading of low and medium level children's wear and its auxiliary products like shoes, caps and toys for children; second floor locating on the branding children's clothing products; and third and fourth are for Chinese brand children's garment business center and office, entertainment, catering functions respectively.  

  • From
  • Distance from Market
  • Description
  • yiwu
  • 230km
  • Yiwu Bingwang Transportaion Center--Zhili (bus 17.00 )
  • Shanghai
  • 120km
  • South bus Station (frequent, from 7.20 till 16.50)
  • Hangzhou
  • 94km
  • North Hangzhou Bus Station--Zhili (frequent bus from 8.30 till 17.30)


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