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What is Chinese surname? How doese Chinese surname comes? What is Chinese family name? Why there is Li in Chinese names? How does Chinese people have their names? Learn More China now shares Chinese surname with you. Welcome to share your idea for Chinese names. 

The Chinese surname or family name, different from the western surname name is usually placed before a person's given name. For a Chinese people, it¡¯s in most of the cases the same as his father¡¯s surname. In most cases, a Chinese surname is of one Chinese word. There are also few compound ones consisting of two words, such as Zhuge, Si Tu and Ouyang etc. There is no definite answer about how many surnames in China now. It¡¯s said there are over 5000 surnames appeared from all the Chinese historical documents. However, the most common ones we see now are about 200. In history, there is a book called Hundred Family Surnames created in Song Dynasty with the records of over 500 Chinese surnames among them 60 are compound surnames.

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