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Where is Baiyun Hotel Guangzhou? Is there a hotel near Guangzhou Railway Station? Learn More China now shares Baiyun Hotel Guangzhou with you. 

The Baiyun Hotel Guangzhou (Guangzhou Baiyun Binguan) is surrounded by a string of upscale shopping malls and department stores, and is located just a short drive from Guangzhou Railway Station and the convention and exhibition center. 
Baiyun Hotel Guangzhou

Fronted by massive garden, the hotel offers a tranquil atmosphere amid the clamor of Guangzhou. Free broadband connections, raised ceilings and private safes are guaranteed in each room. 

Business travelers can take advantage of express check-in services and access the exclusive lounge on the executive 26th floor.

Guests can enjoy extensive dining options. Excellent Cantonese cuisine, tea and dim sum have earned the Baiyunxuan Restaurant accolades and the hotel's Western restaurant features an avant-garde decor, sumptuous buffets and live music in the evenings. Pasta lovers can opt for the Italian restaurant's authentic fare and charming city views.

367 East Huanshi Road (Huanshi Dong Lu) East Huanshi Road Area Guangzhou 510065 China
Tips: 0.38km from Metro Station:Taojin
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