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author13th China International Edible Oil Industry Expo, 2014

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Tks smith shares 13th China International Edible Oil Industry Expo, 2014 with us:

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Oil Asia

13th China International Edible Oil Industry Expo, 2014

------Oil Asia Forum and Awards Selection Activity

November 28-30th,2014   China International Exhibition Center, Beijing

14th China International Edible Oil Industry Expo, 2015

------Oil Asia Forum and Awards Selection Activity

March 25-27th, 2015   Shanghai Ever-bright Convention&Exhibition Center


Theme: Safe, Healthy, Nutritional, Green

Approved by:

Ministry of Commerce of P.R.China

Supported by:

Ministry of Agriculture, P.R, China     

General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of P.R.China

Sponsored by

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade    

Asia Healthcare&Nutrition Promotive Commission

Shanghai Grain and Oil Academy 

International Olive Oil Council

China Nutrition Society

Supported Media:


News papers: China Food Newspaper, Health Times, Food Quality, Health This Week

Websites:www.ec21.com http://ccne.mofcom.gov.cn/ http://win.mofcom.gov.cn/en/ www.clocate.com www.tradekey.com www.bvents.com www.chinaexhibition.com www.expopromoter.com www.learnmorechina.com www.connature.com WWW.EXPONET.RU www.google.com www.baidu.com  www.world-expo.co.kr www.chinatradingsolutions.com   conferenceiq.com  www.eventbrite.com www.foreignercn.com www.10times.com  www.tradeindia.com  www.foodworld.com   www.foodreference.com www.conferencehound.com   www.tradeshowadvertiser.com www.eventseye.com www.alibaba.com www.made-in-china.com www.globalsource.com www.seexpo.com www.eshow365.com www.foodmate.com www.31huiyi.com www.cnfair.cn  http://www.cnena.com/ www.21food.com  www.Herbalworld.com   www.Sinoexhibitions.com


Overseas co-organizer:

East Hong Kong International Exhibition Co., Ltd

World Expo Co., Ltd

Italy Connature Company

Argentina Huli XM group

Organized by:


Specially Supported by:

Embassy of Tunisia

Embassy of Italy

Embassy of Greece

Olive Association of Portugal

International Olive Oil Council

International Trade Commission of Italy

Oil Asia Awards Selection Activity

Oil Asia awards event will be held in the Assembly Awards "Gold"; "New Products" award; "Quality Product" award; "safe and healthy nutritional edible oil certificate" (related to the conditions and fees please eligible to request the General Assembly staff )

Oil Asia Advantages:

The most attractive cities:
As China's economic center, Beijing and Shanghai has become the first major exhibition cities, professional exhibition held in Beijing and Shanghai, effects of radiation around the world, while Beijing and Shanghai are the world's top 500 enterprises in China's headquarters, the Beijing and Shanghai Expo will attract more domestic and overseas dealers.

High-level exchange platform:
Held in conjunction with industry, industry development forum for the sustainable development of enterprise solutions.

Huge audience database:
Oil Asia has been familiar with the edible oil industry for years, 50,000 professional visitors and exhibitors database is a strong guarantee for the actual show results.

Oil Asia Activities

International High-End Edible Oil Development Summit Forum, 2014

Edible Oil Brands Promotion Meeting, 2014

Tea Oil Brands Promotion Meeting, 2014

Cooking Oil Babe Model Tournament and Walk Show of "Olive Oil" Cup

Spain Olive Oil Brand Promotion Meeting

Olive Oil Tasting and Appraisal

Oil Asia Exhibits

1.      High-end Plant Oil:

Maize Germ Oil, Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Camellia Oil, Walnut Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Flax Seed Oil and other High-end Nutrition Oil

2. Non-genetically Modified Edible Oil:

Non-genetically Modified Peanut Oil, Non-genetically Modified Soybean Oil, Non-genetically Modified Blended Oil etc;

3. Refining Palm Oil, other Nuts Edible Oil etc;

4. Other Nutrition and Health Edible Oil: Sesame Oil, Coconut Oil, Rapeseed oil, Camellia Oil, Apricot Seed Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Piperales Seed Oil, Month Amaranth Grass Oil, Garlic oil, Perilla Seed Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Tomato Seed Oil, Safflower Oil, Deep Sea Fish Oil, Milk Thistle Oil, Cedar Seed Oil, Delicate Cotton Oil, Corn Oil, Canola oil, Pine-Seed Oil, Poppy-Seed Oil, Silkworm Pupa Essential Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Lycopene Edible Oil;

5. Many kinds of flavored oil,

6. Synthesis of high-grade health oil, Synthesis of high-grade nutrition oil, high-grade health formula oil

7. Various oil-bearing crops: Peanut Seed, Soybean, Sesame, Sunflower Seed, Rapeseed, Camellia Seed, Walnut, Gaize Germ, Wheat Germ, Perilla seed, Flax seed, Almond, Pine Nuts and other special raw materials;

8. Oil Equipments for: Pressing, Splitting, Transporting, Filling, Packing etc


1Distributors, agents in edible oil industry

     1) Resellers, suppliers, trading companies, and edible oil supply centers with good fame and sales network end,

     2Provincial edible grain oil distribute units and the edible oil industry distributors and agents in provincial capital cities;

2Purchasers and traders 

     1) Bureau of Retired Veteran Cadres of organs under central jurisdiction and the old cadre bureau of organs under central jurisdiction Beijing, the principal of the retired cadres purchase group in Beijing.

     2) Foreign buyers in China, import and export trade companies, and 130 embassy economic sections of foreign countries in china

    3) Farm wholesale markets, huge supermarkets, edible oil and green food chains and shops, 24 hour stores, professional market;

    4) Healthy care products sales centers, comprehensive drugstores and health care food direct selling companies;

    5) Hotels, bars, entertainment clubs, west food restaurants, clubs, holiday villages and the important purchase groups;

3. Research institutions

   1) The domestic and foreign professional organizations of edible oil production enterprises, manufacturing and processing bas of edible oil, enterprises’ technical persons and high level managers.

   2) Trade unions, more than 50 province offices in Beijing, enterprise labor union systems of State Assets Administration Committee, universities and research institutions

Participation Procedure:

1. Exhibitors must have valid "hygienic license", "business license" and "products approval documents";

2. Exhibitors should firstly contact the organizing committee to choose their ideal booth position, and then fill in the exhibition application form and agreement form. Mail or fax the forms with your signatures to the organizing committee. This contract will be effective after being signed by both parties. Faxes or copies are valid.

3. Booth Distribution Principle: Paid first, served first.

Price List

I: Booth Price




Raw Space only


Area T(Luxury Booth)



Area T


Area T(Standard Booth)



Area T


Area A(Standard Booth)



Area A



A.10% surcharge for two opening boothB. Facilities9exhibition space,2.5m wallboard, lintel plate, a desk, two chairs, a 220V power socket, two daylight lamps, security and cleaning serviceC. Raw space only (area) Fee includesexhibition space,  security and cleaning service; D.36 is the baseline to rent as raw space,not including the installation fee, E. Raw Space position is better than Area Luxury Booth Position, Luxury booth position is better than Standard booth position, Area T is better than Area A   F. Booth arranges order: paid first, served first.


IIAdvertisement Price

Catalog Cover


Back Cover

Color Page


Catalog Cover

(the second, third page)

Color Pages inside of Catalog

Black and white Pages of Catalog







Invitation Letter



Stair Banner







Balloon (Diameter: 3m)

Banner 15mX1.4m

Lantern (Diameter:5m)

Banner 15mX1.4m

Rome Pillar Banner 20mX10m

Wall Banner




USD1,200 /piece



USD2,700/ piece




III. Forum Price


Within 3 hours(half a day)


Free service:

1.A conference hall for more than 150 people;

2.Power socket, projector, stereo, microphone;

3.Guide in the exhibition center and  Ads board position;

4.Broadcasting service and audience organization;


Within 2 hours


Technology communication

Within 1 hour


Attract investment

Within 1 hour


Products Introduction

Within half an hour



Project Manager:   Smith Song


Add: Room 1801, Building 5, Jinhaiguoji Center, Guangqu Road No.21, Chaoyang District, Beijing, P.R.China. 100124

Tel:    +86-10-59572664

Mobile: +86-15712956058

Fax:    +86-10-58850889

Skype: cowboysmith     

Email&MSN:  songxq123@hotmail.com 

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