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Where can we buy luggage bags in HeBei Province? Is there a bags wholesale market in Hebei? Where an we go to buy luggages when visit Hebei? How about Hebei Baigou luggage bag wholesale market? Learn More China share some details for BeiGou luggage bag wholesale market, welcome to share your idea for Hebei luggage wholesale market with you. 

Hebei Baigou luggage bag wholesale marketSize of production capacity annual is about 150 million bags, nearly one-fifth of the China, to become the largest bag production and sales base of the country. Market area of 3.56 million square meters, business area of 1,160,000 square meters, fixed more than 5,000 stores, nearly 30,000 business booths, more than 24,000 kinds of goods on listed in the market.
Address: Baigou Town, Baoding City, Hebei province 
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