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Where can we buy stationery from Guangzhou? Are there some stationery wholesale markets in GZ? How to go to the stationery wholesale markets when visit Guangzhou? Where can we buy pens in bulk in China? Learn More China share some tips for Guangzhou stationery wholesale markets. Welcome to share your idea for Chinese stationery wholesale markets. 

Guangzhou stationery markets mainly lie in urban areas. Among them, three most well-known ones are Yi Yuan wholesale market for stationery, toy and decoration in Huangsha, culture and education materiel market in Nan'an and comprehensive wholesale market in Yi De Road. Besides, some newly-built wholesale places where you can find all kinds of new arrivals also boom in Fangcun and Baiyun Avenue.

Guangzhou stationery markets Huangsha attracts some old-brand stationery wholesale markets like Yi Yuan and Xing Zhi Guang, which moved from Yide Road to Huangsha in 1994. The market, comprised of almost a thousand stores and taking up above 10,000 square meters, is divided into A, B two buildings. In the year 1995, Huangsha is chosen as ¡°The Biggest and The Oldest specialised Wholesale Markets for Stationery, Toy and Decoration¡± by Development Research Center of State Council. 

Huangsha is near the south railway station, the Pearl River Tunnel, Ruyi Fang Dock Fleet and the metro station of Huangsha. In addition, Bus stops of No.5, 66, 1, 2, 38 and 6 are nearby. 

Yide Road remains a place packed with a lot of wholesale stores for stationery even after Yi Yuan¡¯s move. International Plaza, Yi Jing Yuan Plaza, Jin Jin Plaza and Hai Zhu Plaza specialized in selling toys, stationery and decorations have taken into shape. However, the wholesale stores here are not as concentrative as before. They mainly lie on the first floor or inconspicuous places and give priority to selling middle-grade stationery for student.

Top floor of International Plaza has been decorated as a show hall for rent, which aims at attracting famous corporations specialized in wholesale business to set up showrooms and offices there.

Zhao Yang Wholesale Mall lies beside metro station of Kengkou in Fangcun. After the completion of the first phase construction, it has reached 30,000 square meters. More than 400 shops are built into duplex apartments where there is enough space for piling up goods.  The thoroughfare here is so board as well that two cars could pass by at the same time.

Reputedly, shops here are directly set up by manufacturers or franchisers. Each of them has its own brand. Among them, you can find some high-class brands such as Tian Zhou, Xinhua bookshop and Golden Time.

Office Stamart, located in Southern Baiyun Avenue, covers nearly 5,000 square meters area. It is an office accessories surpermarket. All kinds of office accessories, the office furniture, as well as green products can be found here. Varieties reach 10 thousand.

Although the main target customers of the supermarket are government departments, schools, associations, enterprises, institutes and so on, for individual customers, prices are also relatively cheaper. 

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